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Massive Price Increase For Mozy Power Users

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Paul Hammond
2 February 2011

Back in April of 2008, I wrote a post entitled “What Is Your Backup Strategy?”  Much of my approach is still the same as it was back then – a Mozy account for offsite backups, Windows Live Mesh (as an evolved version of FolderShare) to keep my data in sync across machines, and an external drive (now 2Tb) attached to my main machine at home that makes nightly copies of all of my data.

I received an email from Mozy today that means I need to go back and rethink my offsite data strategy.  Until now, I had been paying a flat fee for an unlimited account with Mozy – with a year paid in advance, the cost was $54.45, or about $4.45 per month.  Mozy has now announced two options to replace their current offerings.  $5.99 a month for 50Gb or $9.99 for 125Gb, with additional storage space available at $2.00 per month for every 20Gb extra.

I currently have 493Gb backed up and that is growing quite quickly.  With the new pricing strategy, 500Gb of storage will cost me $9.99 a month for the first 125Gb, and then an additional $38 for the 19 additional 20Gb increments I would need.  That amounts to $47.99 PER MONTH, a whopping $576 per year.  That is a 1057% increase in cost.  It would only get worse as I add more and more data in my life.

I would still highly recommend the Mozy service for people who have small to moderate data storage needs, but this kind of pricing structure means that I will need to be looking for an alternative, and more cost effective solution.