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Windows 10 Remote Desktop Returning 'Unknown User Name or Bad Password'

Posted on May 26, 2020 under

Since starting to work from home every day, I’ve wanted to simplify working across my various machines when working at my desk with a large screen. Cue VNC, Mac Screen Sharing and Remote Desktop. Everything was going swimmingly, until I tried to remote desktop into my Surface tablet. Every attempt to connect was thwarted with an error about an “Unknown user name or bad password”. I could log in fine locally, so why wouldn’t a remote desktop connection connect?

Pilates: Parallels with Software Development Agility

About 18 months ago, my wife suggested our family take a weekly Pilates class with a local instructor. The intention was to do something together as a family, something fun and beneficial all around. Whilst I agreed, if I am honest, I was sceptical. I was very happy with the family and togetherness part, that was great. What I was sceptical of was the value of Pilates as an exercise discipline. However, I try not to pre-judge things in life, and as such the four of us were soon attending weekly Pilates sessions.

Post Game Huddle : No Full Stops In Quality

There is a chain of coffee shops in Shanghai (maybe all of China?) called SPR Coffee.  I really like the slogan that they use on their paper cups – “No Full Stops In Quality”.  It reminds me that, no matter how high your quality is now, or how good your processes and practices are that help achieve and ensure good quality, there is always something more you can do.

Crane Climbing: My Ultimate Nightmare

Posted on Feb 23, 2014 under

I am generally pretty scared of heights. Not all heights – flying doesn’t worry me, I was surprisingly OK with a hot-air balloon ride, and I can overcome the fear in order to ride large roller-coasters. I am not so good if you put me near the edge of a high cliff, on the roof of a building, or up a ladder.

Recently though, I have seen a number of online videos showing something that truly scares me – crane climbing. And by “scares me” I mean “cannot watch the screen without looking away A LOT scares me”, or “makes my insides go ice cold and makes me feel physically sick watching scares me”.

The 30-Day Primal Challenge: Days 16 to 47

Posted on Sep 11, 2011 under

My last two blog entries covered the first 15 days of a 30-Day Primal Challenge.  I had fully intended for there to be a third entry that summed everything up on the 30th day, as if reaching that point would be some magical revelation.  I assumed I’d have a nice tidy conclusion to the challenge; the results from my 30 day experiment, if you will.

The 30-Day Primal Challenge: The First 5 Days

Posted on Aug 1, 2011 under

In the past couple of years I have become very active and lost quite a lot of weight.  Initially, a lot of running and cycling helped me lose about 30lbs, and then a switch about a year ago to more of a gym and cardio mix helped me build some strength.  However, with neither approach have I managed to lose the excess body fat I am carrying.  Despite being lighter overall, I still have about 25% body fat.  I’d really like that to be lower, perhaps closer to the 15-18% range.

Photo Shoot At Nooksack River

Posted on Jan 31, 2011 under

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending a fun few hours on a photography field trip with my friend Daniel and his son Liam.  We set out from Daniel’s house at 6am and drove (via a coffee house!) two hours North of Seattle to the Nooksack River, near Deming.  Daniel regularly takes trips to this area, mostly to photograph the eagles.