Moss covered trees at Nooksack

Photo Shoot At Nooksack River

Posted on January 31, 2011 under
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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending a fun few hours on a photography field trip with my friend Daniel and his son Liam.  We set out from Daniel’s house at 6am and drove (via a coffee house!) two hours North of Seattle to the Nooksack River, near Deming.  Daniel regularly takes trips to this area, mostly to photograph the eagles.

First stop when we arrived in the area was at Il Caffe Rifugio (5415 Mt Baker Hwy, Deming, WA 98244).  Lacey served us a fantastic breakfast to get us started.  There is nothing quite like a french press coffee and egg, bacon and pancakes with extra syrup to set you up properly for an early photo shoot in the rain.

Sadly, it was actually the rain that limited us in the end.  The eagles had the right idea, and pretty much stayed home.  We did spot a few, but it wasn’t as many as we’d hoped.  However, I did get to try out Daniel’s Canon 300mm f2.8 prime lens.  We added a 2x multiplier on there to give me 600mm of fun!  Needless to say, his gimbal head tripod was a must in order just to hold the thing steady…

Daniel has created a Bing Maps collection describing the best places along the Nooksack River to photograph.

I’ve uploaded a few of my shots which you can see here: Nooksack River Photoset on Flickr.