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Paul Hammond's Speaking Dates

This is a list of my past and future speaking engagements. I have included links to the slides from past presentations.

Upcoming speaking engagements

I don’t currently have any upcoming speaking engagements.

Past speaking engagements

  • Introduction to Agile: The Genesis
    • Agile2018 – San Diego, August 2018
    • Agile2017 – Orlando, August 2017
  • Build Strong Agile Foundations Through Your Team Vocabulary
    • Products That Count – London, September 2017
  • The Five Dysfunctions of an Improv Comedy Group (with @danattfield)
    • Agile2016 – Atlanta, August 2016
    • Global Scrum Gathering – Shanghai, September 2015
  • Here’s a good one … (with @danattfield)
  • The Triumph of Simplicity, Clarity and Discipline
    • Agile Dev West, Agile Leadership Summit -Las Vegas, June 2016 (presentation)