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Pilates: Parallels with Software Development Agility

About 18 months ago, my wife suggested our family take a weekly Pilates class with a local instructor. The intention was to do something together as a family, something fun and beneficial all around. Whilst I agreed, if I am honest, I was sceptical. I was very happy with the family and togetherness part, that was great. What I was sceptical of was the value of Pilates as an exercise discipline. However, I try not to pre-judge things in life, and as such the four of us were soon attending weekly Pilates sessions.

The 30-Day Primal Challenge: Days 16 to 47

Posted on Sep 11, 2011 under

My last two blog entries covered the first 15 days of a 30-Day Primal Challenge.  I had fully intended for there to be a third entry that summed everything up on the 30th day, as if reaching that point would be some magical revelation.  I assumed I’d have a nice tidy conclusion to the challenge; the results from my 30 day experiment, if you will.

The 30-Day Primal Challenge: The First 5 Days

Posted on Aug 1, 2011 under

In the past couple of years I have become very active and lost quite a lot of weight.  Initially, a lot of running and cycling helped me lose about 30lbs, and then a switch about a year ago to more of a gym and cardio mix helped me build some strength.  However, with neither approach have I managed to lose the excess body fat I am carrying.  Despite being lighter overall, I still have about 25% body fat.  I’d really like that to be lower, perhaps closer to the 15-18% range.