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Crane Climbing: My Ultimate Nightmare

Posted on Feb 23, 2014 under

I am generally pretty scared of heights. Not all heights – flying doesn’t worry me, I was surprisingly OK with a hot-air balloon ride, and I can overcome the fear in order to ride large roller-coasters. I am not so good if you put me near the edge of a high cliff, on the roof of a building, or up a ladder.

Recently though, I have seen a number of online videos showing something that truly scares me – crane climbing. And by “scares me” I mean “cannot watch the screen without looking away A LOT scares me”, or “makes my insides go ice cold and makes me feel physically sick watching scares me”.

The 30-Day Primal Challenge: Days 16 to 47

Posted on Sep 11, 2011 under

My last two blog entries covered the first 15 days of a 30-Day Primal Challenge.  I had fully intended for there to be a third entry that summed everything up on the 30th day, as if reaching that point would be some magical revelation.  I assumed I’d have a nice tidy conclusion to the challenge; the results from my 30 day experiment, if you will.

The 30-Day Primal Challenge: The First 5 Days

Posted on Aug 1, 2011 under

In the past couple of years I have become very active and lost quite a lot of weight.  Initially, a lot of running and cycling helped me lose about 30lbs, and then a switch about a year ago to more of a gym and cardio mix helped me build some strength.  However, with neither approach have I managed to lose the excess body fat I am carrying.  Despite being lighter overall, I still have about 25% body fat.  I’d really like that to be lower, perhaps closer to the 15-18% range.

Photo Shoot At Nooksack River

Posted on Jan 31, 2011 under

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending a fun few hours on a photography field trip with my friend Daniel and his son Liam.  We set out from Daniel’s house at 6am and drove (via a coffee house!) two hours North of Seattle to the Nooksack River, near Deming.  Daniel regularly takes trips to this area, mostly to photograph the eagles.