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Pilates: Parallels with Software Development Agility

About 18 months ago, my wife suggested our family take a weekly Pilates class with a local instructor. The intention was to do something together as a family, something fun and beneficial all around. Whilst I agreed, if I am honest, I was sceptical. I was very happy with the family and togetherness part, that was great. What I was sceptical of was the value of Pilates as an exercise discipline. However, I try not to pre-judge things in life, and as such the four of us were soon attending weekly Pilates sessions.

Post Game Huddle : No Full Stops In Quality

There is a chain of coffee shops in Shanghai (maybe all of China?) called SPR Coffee.  I really like the slogan that they use on their paper cups – “No Full Stops In Quality”.  It reminds me that, no matter how high your quality is now, or how good your processes and practices are that help achieve and ensure good quality, there is always something more you can do.